jungle thickets

Vanapattha Sutta

Majjhima Nikāya 17 of 152

Translated by: Bhikkhu Sujato
Read by: Roland Kitchen

Description (Nyanamoli Bhikkhu ©)

“Why does a bhikkhu who is developing his mind stay in one place but not in another? In this Sutta the answer is given: he stays where he progresses in Dhamma but does not stay where he makes no progress. And he takes no account of whether material support is good or not, for he did not go forth to homelessness just to get material support. The first four paragraphs speak of bhikkhus living in the forest, no doubt the most suitable place for developing the mind, but not all find the life there possible so villages, towns and cities are mentioned too. Finally, there are four paragraphs on living with a companion bhikkhu. In the first case, he may not be conducting himself well, so that the other bhikkhu finds it difficult to stay, more so since requisites are hard to come by. Though in the second case he can obtain them , still there is the disadvantage of living with that companion, so that no progress is made with Dhamma. In the third and fourth cases though, progress is apparent and even though material support is difficult, the bhikkhu should not leave, while where it is good and where there is a Noble Friend - a meditation Master - “He should continue following that person as long as life lasts; he should not depart from him even if tod to go.” ”